Who really runs Britain?

Interesting article by Owen Jones in The Independent over the weekend, in which the threatened closure of the Grangemouth oil refinery prompts him to question who really runs the country?

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  1. Richard Jones says:

    The dispute between Ineos and the Unite union highlights a huge failing in the British industrial model. The dispute at Grangemouth, if the major newspapers and TV media are to be believed was all the fault of out of control, power hungry union bosses. It takes two sides to have an argument though, so as well as Owen Jones’ article I think the following are worth taking a look at.



    For a profile of Jim Ratcliffe, Ineos’s boss, the radio 4 programme profile is worth a listen


    Finally in the following article Jim Ratcliffe praises the German model of industrial relations


    Sadly he makes no mention of ‘mitbestimmung’, the German model that we should adopt here.


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